Western Reserve Herb Society

The Western Reserve Herb Society (WRHS), a non-profit organization, is a unit of The Herb Society of America. WRHS is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research, and public outreach.


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 Updated 6/28/2015


Time for a road trip to Lakeside for the annual Great Lakes District Gathering.  Save the weekend of August 21-22, 2015 for all things herbal. https://t.e2ma.net/share/inbound/f/exhdi/m3rz5

The WRHS Culinary Committee enjoyed an actual hen party on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at Spice Acres in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Thanks Shawn Belt for a memorable visit!

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 Save the Date:

70th Annual Herb Fair, Saturday, October 10th 2015 – Savor the 70th!

A first look courtesy of Nancy Gustafson of what awaits shoppers at the 70th annual Herb Fair – a veritable hen party!


We are collecting email addresses for individuals interested in receiving periodic updates and reminders regarding the Herb Fair. Email us your address at:herbfair@westernreserveherbsociety.org