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The Western Reserve Herb Society (WRHS), a non-profit organization, is a unit of The Herb Society of America. WRHS is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research, and public outreach.

 Updated 7/4/2018

Now in Bloom in the Garden: Edible Flowers

Our newest Garden Section, EDIBLE FLOWERS was installed in 2004 when we were becoming more informed and excited about using edible flowers in salads, to garnish foods and make spa water. We dry a variety of flower petals for our herbal teas. So many wonderful ways to use edible flowers. While a large percentage of flowers are edible, many are not. When in doubt google or ask for information, or opt not to eat a flower you are uncertain about it. Make sure your children are informed since they also have a natural curiosity about plants. This small garden commands a lot of attention and has a surprising number and assortment of plants. So much fun and so tasty!

Photo and commentary courtesy of Kate Williams

Luvin Lavender

The Horticulture and Culinary committees sponsored a wonderful afternoon field trip to Luvin Lavender Farm in Madison, Ohio at the end of June.  Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to tour this special place with Laurie Hejduk and learn about the many varieties of lavender that are grown here as well as sustainable gardening practices, pollinators, and distilling procedures.  We picked up a great tip –  if you want your lavender to overwinter in Ohio, consider using frost blanket covers. Luvin Lavender holds an annual lavender festival (July 7-8 in 2018) and offers many wonderful lavender products in its farm store. The collage below shows the beauty that awaits visitors to Luvin Lavender Farm.

Photos courtesy of Kathy Shriver

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73rd Annual Herb Fair, Saturday, October 13, 2018

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