The purposes of the Western Reserve Herb Society (WRHS) are to further the knowledge and use of herbs and to contribute the results of the experience and research of its members to the records of horticulture and science and to disseminate this information through various channels.

WRHS was founded on May 22, 1943 and and shortly after its founding became a unit of The Herb Society of America. As a result, members enjoy not only the many advantages of belonging to WRHS, but also the benefits of membership in a national organization.

Members of WRHS enjoy lectures, symposia, making herbal products, growing herbs, field trips, gardening and the camaraderie of people with similar interests. Outside of meetings, members communicate and share information in the members only section of the website and the members’ monthly newsletter, Herb Scents.

About Western Reserve Herb Society

The WRHS Herb Garden is located on the grounds of the Cleveland Botanical Garden in University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio. It is one of the largest herb gardens in the country and is widely recognized for its design and quality. It is sometimes the site of research or trials conducted by members or horticulture students.

Each year WRHS offers scholarships to college students majoring in horticulture or allied fields. The Herb Garden and the scholarships are among the projects that benefit from funds raised at the annual fall Herb Fair and WRHS symposia.

Meetings are held on Wednesdays, work in the unit Herb Garden is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and workshops are scheduled as needed.

The WRHS is a member organization of the CBG/Holden Affiliate Group, participating each year by contributing a member-designed and decorated tree in the annual holiday celebration, GLOW. Affiliates take an active roll in supporting the CBG’s mission as a part of Cleveland’s vibrant cultural community.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the growing and/or use of herbs and is committed to sharing that interest with others.

Contact for additional information about WRHS.

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