August 15, 2019: Third Thursday Herb Talks-‘Scentational’ Scented Geraniums

August 15: Sensational Scented Leaf Geraniums, Kathleen Gips

Enjoy the scent, flavor and aromatherapy of the darlings of the WRHS Fragrant Garden. Learn the many different varieties of this Victorian favorite including rose, mint, fruit and nut scented. See how to make a cutting to have plants for the following year. Learn how to grow scented leaf geraniums, taste how to use them in Rose Geranium Chocolate cake and rose geranium punch, and experience the aromatherapy with a rose geranium spray. Handout included with program.  Talk is at 11:00 AM in The Western Reserve Herb Garden.  Meet at The Terrace/Fragrance Garden, weather permitting.


2019 Herb Talks on the Terrace

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