Jams & Jellies

Jams and Jellies are sweet souvenirs of Herb Fair attendance for us all. Flavors already include Strawberry Rhubarb, Root Beer, Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, Christmas Jam, Blueberry Lemon Verbena, Snappy Blackberry (with ginger and black pepper), Lemon Basil, Plum Pudding (plum jam spiced with a little vanilla and clove) and Peach Lime Rosemary just to mention a few. Our Herb Society member volunteer jelly makers are busy coming up with even more choices! This year we are offering more low sugar options than ever. Jelly isn’t just for toast anymore either. These herb containing “fancy jams” can be used over roasts, or ladled onto cheeseballs with crackers, or added to vinaigrette to make wonderful salad dressings. These are not the off the supermarket shelf varieties of jam! These make unique hostess gifts, or personal treat gifts for the holidays. Or, they just make great presents to yourself! Come and try some!

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