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In 2003, when the Cleveland Botanical Garden completed its transformation, the WRHS Herb Garden acquired an additional strip of land, and the Edible Flower Garden became a reality.

With the exception of French tarragon, all herbs bloom and the flowers are edible. However, apart from the blooms of culinary herbs with their aromatic leaves, there are other edible flowers that have been used in cooking for hundreds of years and are included in a traditional herb garden.

The Edible Flower Garden is a garden of all seasons. Icicle pansies thrive in the winter, followed by the fragrant springtime blossoms of Miss Kim lilac and the espaliered dwarf apple tree. Violets and sweet woodruff cover a shady spot. By June, the white Rosa rugosa Blanc Double De Coubert is flowering along with daylilies, lavender (lavandula augustifolia variety is the most palatable), dianthus and catmint. Soon the annuals flourish, and the garden is a mass of flowers. Signet marigolds, dwarf nasturtiums and calendula add the vivid colors of summer, and the garden swarms with bees.

Painted Lady Runner Beans (Phaseolus coccineus) climb the fence. This flowering vine and the espaliered apple tree are the outstanding features of the garden.

CAUTION: Before you eat any flower, be certain that it is safely edible – and that it was grown without pesticides.

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Photos by Kate Williams