The Horticulture Committee has been an integral part of the Western Reserve Herb Society (WRHS) since 1948. It remains rooted in several traditions, including meeting on the first Wednesday of the month, occasionally holding meetings at a member’s home, a focus on the propagation and growing of herbs, and round-robin participation at select meetings such as the discussion of Herb of the YearTM. Meetings may also be conducted at Cleveland Botanical Garden or local libraries. In addition, special visits to nurseries, other gardens, libraries, museums and other venues are also arranged.

While keeping with its traditions, the Horticulture Committee also seeks to grow its knowledge and the WRHS Herb Garden provides an excellent outdoor classroom for plant identification, soil and plant research, and sustainable garden practices. Members and experts demonstrate and teach pruning as well as general deadheading and harvesting techniques, which are helpful in enhancing the beauty of the Herb Garden and generating Herb Fair products.

The WRHS Herb Garden generates Horticulture program ideas. These programs in turn spur further research, discussion and become the genesis for additional demonstrations. Continuing education is a vital function of WRHS. Expertise and gardening skills are shared between and among members and the public in support of the mission of WRHS to educate members and the public about the “uses and delights” of herbs.

Horticulture Reference Sites

Herb of the YearTM
Each year since 1995, the International Herb Association picks an Herb of the YearTM. For 2018, the herb is Hops, formally known as Hops Humulus ssp. Herb of the YearTM for other years can be found on the International Herb Association’s website.

Notable Native HerbsTM
Every year, the Native Herb Conservation Committee selects a native herb that deserves more attention due to its unique properties, utility, history, or potential for use. The committee votes this stand-out herb as the Notable Native Herbs™. For 2018, those herbs are: Salix L species and Salvia L. Notable Native HerbTM for other years can be found on the Herb Society of America’s website.

GreenBridges™ Initiative
The GreenBridges™ program helps to create opportunities for the safe passage of plants and pollinators and to avoid habitat fragmentation. Each GreenBridges™ garden is a link in the chain across the nation, providing safe movement for the plants and pollinators that help maintain healthy ecosystems. For more information, please see the Herb Society of America’s website.

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