Horticulture meetings are scheduled the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings may be conducted in members’ homes or at Cleveland Botanical Garden. Special visits to nurseries, other gardens, libraries, museums and other venues are also arranged.   

The Western Reserve Herb Society (WRHS) Herb Garden provides an outdoor classroom for basic gardening, plant identification, and soil and plant research. Members and experts demonstrate and teach pruning, general deadheading and harvesting techniques, helpful in enhancing the beauty of the Herb Garden and generating Herb Fair products.

The WRHS Herb Garden generates Horticulture program ideas. These programs in turn spur further research, discussion and become the genesis for additional demonstrations. Continuing education is a vital function of WRHS. Expertise and gardening skills are shared between and among members and the public in support of the mission of WRHS to educate members and the public about the “uses and delights” of herbs.