Knot Garden

Knot GardenThe centerpiece of the WRHS Herb Garden is the Knot, an intricate ribbon of gray and green plants winding around five millstones. Interlaced herbs kept closely clipped produce the structured beauty of the Knot, a Tudor garden design. According to Honorary WRHS member Sue Keebler, “The development of this pattern comes from the practice of tossing a knot of ribbon on the ground and setting plants in the outline so created, thus the term “knot” garden. The interlacing of plants in various shades of green weaves a pattern that the eyes are compelled to follow in the hope of discovering the end of the ribbon.” 

Maintaining the neat and formal look of this garden requires persistence and skill. Seasonal trimming of the boxwood, winter savory, germander, and lavender is required to maintain the design and to keep the focus of the Herb Garden beautiful.

Click below to enjoy images of the Knot Garden.

Photos by Kate Williams 

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