Knot Garden

Knot Garden

The centerpiece of the Western Reserve Herb Garden is the Knot, an intricate ribbon of gray and green plants winding around five millstones. Traditionally used herbs such as germander, lavender, savory and boxwood are interlaced and kept closely clipped to produce the structured beauty of the Knot. The design is an adaptation of a garden form found in the art and literature of the 1400s in England, Italy and France and commonly known as a Celtic Knot design.
The medieval Celtic Knot held significant meanings for folks during the Middle Ages including symbolizing the interconnection of life and eternity. The design was popularly used in everything from stone carvings to embroidery and, of course, gardens.

Knot gardens became very popular during the Elizabethan era but their intrigue diminished by the eighteenth century with the introduction of colorful flowering plants.

Click below to enjoy images of the Knot Garden.

Photos by Kate Williams 

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