• Month and Day only. Used to recognize members birthdays.
  • WE ARE AN EMAIL BASED ORGANIZATION. Newsletters and other important communications are done through email so a working email account is necessary to stay informed about Unit functions.
  • We request your permission to use photos of you for educational and social media purposes for our unit. No photos will be used if a member objects. No addresses or names will be shared. See Social Media Policy on our website for further information.
  • (For Active or Sustaining Members only)
  • Prospective Membership
    Prospective members are new members who have 2 years to complete the following requirements in order to become Active voting members: Attend 6 meetings, complete at least 6 volunteer hours in the Herb Garden, and participate in the preparation of the annual Herb Fair or other fundraising events. Prospective members have no voting privileges and do not become members of the Herb Society of America through their $15 WRHS membership.

    Active Membership
    Active Members have voting rights and are obligated to attend no fewer than six meetings a year as provided in the Bylaws of WRHS.

    Sustaining Membership
    An individual who has been an Active Member for at least five years, who cannot fulfill the duties of an Active Member, but who wishes to continue membership in WRHS may become a Sustaining Member. Sustaining Members are entitled to all privileges of membership except voting, holding office, and serving on standing committees as chair. A Sustaining Member who wishes to become an Active Member shall submit a written request to the Membership Chair.
  • This includes a small processing fee.
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