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    The Western Reserve Herb Society is an autonomous unit of The Herb Society of America. With your unit member- ship you are also a member of The Herb Society of America. Members of WRHS participate in and support HSAʼs national and regional research, meetings and seminars. The members of the Western Reserve Herb Society shall not use the prestige of membership for any advertising of their products, or product they may sell. It is the policy of The Herb Society of America not to advise or recommend herbs for medicinal or health use. This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as a recommendation or an endorsement of any particular medical or health treatment. Annual membership fee for the Western Reserve Herb Society is $90 consisting of $45 for our local unit and $55 for membership in the national Herb Society of America. Note: For those joining mid-year the fee will be pro-rated.
  • Please apply for membership into western Reserve Herb Society after you have attended and participated in the following. In this way you will learn about our unit and its members and we in turn will enjoy getting to know you.

    Attended 6 meetings : Unit, Culinary, or Horticulture
    Volunteer in the WRHS Herb Garden for 6 hours
    Participate in preparation for the annual Herb Fair
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