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    Active: dues are $90.00 ($35 for WRHS and $55 for HSA)
    Sustaining: dues are $100.00 ($45 for WRHS and $55 for HSA)
    Please fill out this application online and pay via credit card or print application and mail with a check for your yearly dues payable to Western Reserve Herb Society to Finance Committee member in charge of dues collection. Dues are due annually June 30.
    Each year we request your permission to use photos of you for educational and social media purposes for our unit. No photos will be used if a member objects. No ad- dresses or names will be shared. See Social media Policy on our website for further information.
  • For Your Information:

    The Western Reserve Herb Society is an autonomous unit of The Herb Society of America. With your unit membership you are also a member of The Herb Society of America. Members of WRHS participate in and support HSAʼs national and regional research, meetings and seminars. The members of the Western Reserve Herb Society shall not use the prestige of membership for any advertising of their products, or product they may sell. It is the policy of The Herb Society of America not to advise or recommend herbs for medicinal or health use. This infor- mation is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as a recommendation or an endorsement of any particular medical or health treatment. Annual active membership fee for the Western Reserve Herb Society is $90.00, $35 for WRHS and $55 for membership in the national The Herb Society of America. You have all the membership privileges of both groups.
    Active Membership
    Our membership limit is 125 Active Members. Active Members have voting rights and are obligated to attend no fewer than six meetings a year as provided in the Bylaws of WRHS.

    Sustaining Membership
    An individual who has been an Active Member for at least five years, who cannot fulfill the duties of an Active Member, but who wishes to continue membership in WRHS may become a Sustaining Member. Sustaining Members are entitled to all privileges of membership except voting, holding office, and serving on standing committees as chair. A Sustaining Member who wishes to become an Active Member shall submit a written request to the Membership Chair.

    Honorary Membership
    Honorary Membership shall be bestowed for life upon those who have given extraordinary service to the WRHS and/ or The Herb Society of America. An Honorary Member may be, but not need be, a member of the Western Reserve Herb Society. The process for selecting Honorary Members is set forth in the Bylaws of WRHS. Honorary Membership includes rights to the floor, no payment of dues, and receipt of publications available to other members, but does not include the right to vote.
  • Note

    Note: WRHS communicates via email. You will receive our monthly newsletter, Herb Scents, Unit meeting notices, meeting packet information, Culinary meeting notices, Horticulture meeting notices as well as other unit information via email.
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