Membership in the Western Reserve Herb Society (WRHS) is open to anyone with an interest in the growing and/or use of herbs, and who is committed to sharing that interest with the community. WRHS is first and foremost a work organization that also offers many opportunities for fellowship and friendship. Artists, gardeners, decorators, homemakers, business, legal and medical professionals, retired persons, and serious scholars are represented in the membership of WRHS.

In addition to two days a week reserved for tending to the Herb Garden, members have the  opportunity to get together regularly on three more Wednesdays during the month for business, culinary and horticulture meetings. In the winter, the once-a-month business meetings typically include formal programs and presentations from outside culinary and horticultural specialists. During the summer months, workshops are held and meetings include time devoted to preparation for the annual Herb Fair. It is no surprise that these gatherings are followed by herbal-inspired, potluck luncheons that nurture both the palate and friendship. WRHS has published a number of cookbooks and, indeed, a connection between spoon and spade prevails.

WRHS is a unit of The Herb Society of America (HSA) and members of WRHS participate in and support HSAʼs national and regional research, meetings and seminars.

It is both the continuity of commitment to herbal efforts and the pleasure of sharing these interests that nurture the fellowship within WRHS and strengthen service to the greater community. You are encouraged to contact us for more information on becoming a member.

Contact [email protected] for additional information about WRHS membership.