Membership Requirements/Application

Prospective Membership 
To become a Prospective Member, an individual must complete a Membership Application and submit the Application, together with a check in the amount of $15 payable to the Western Reserve Herb Society (WRHS) to the Membership Chair. Upon receipt of these materials, the individual will be admitted to Prospective Membership. Prospective Members receive information about WRHS, the Bylaws and Herb Scents. They are informed about organizational and financial matters of WRHS but have no voice or vote.

Active Membership 
To be accepted into Active Membership, a Prospective Member must attend a minimum of five meetings throughout at least one Unit gardening season and Herb Fair. Three shall be Unit meetings and two shall be Culinary and/or Horticulture meetings. In addition to the meeting attendance requirements, a Prospective Member must also actively work in the Unit’s garden for a minimum of six hours and participate in no less than one department in the preparation and sale of Herb Fair products. A Prospective Member shall have two (2) years from the date of application to complete the requirements. As soon as membership requirements are completed, a Prospective Member will become an Active Member of WRHS, provided the membership limit of 125 Active Members is not surpassed. Active Members have voting rights and are obligated to attend no fewer than six meetings a year as provided in the Bylaws of WRHS. 

Sustaining Membership
An individual who has been an Active Member for at least five years, who cannot fulfill the duties of an Active Member, but who wishes to continue membership in WRHS may become a Sustaining Member. Sustaining Members are entitled to all privileges of membership except voting, holding office, serving on standing committees in any official capacity, and sponsoring members. A Sustaining Member who wishes to become an Active Member shall submit a written request to the Membership Chair. The written request shall be granted, provided space is available.

Honorary Membership
Honorary Membership shall be bestowed for life upon those who have given extraordinary service to the WRHS and/or The Herb Society of America. An Honorary Member may be, but not need be, a member of the Western Reserve Herb Society. The process for selecting Honorary Members is set forth in the Bylaws of WRHS. Honorary Membership includes rights to the floor, no payment of dues, and receipt of publications available to other members, but does not include the right to vote.

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