May Wine Punch

This punch is usually served in the month of May


1-1/2 Liters Dry White Wine
3/4 Liter Medium-dry Champagne, Prosecco, or Sparkling Wine
10 Sprigs Sweet Woodruff roughly 3-5 grams per liter
Sugar, Lime Juice, Orange Slices, Strawberries, Mint, & Ice, optional
Ice Ring


Fill your punch bowl or large pitcher with dry white wine. Make a bundle with the sprigs of sweet woodruff, tie the bundle to a stirring spoon that you lay across your pitcher or bowl. The leaves of the sweet woodruff should be submerged in the wine while the stems should not (the stems have a bitter taste, and you don’t want your May wine bitter). Remove the sprigs after 30 minutes and add the cold champagne.

Note:  Make your ice ring a few days ahead of serving May Punch in order for it to freeze.  Consider adding any edible herbs and flowers to the ice ring.