Terrace Garden

WRHS Terrace Garden image

Terrace Garden artwork imageThe Terrace Garden (also known as Ellie’s Overlook) is located outside of Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Clark Hall. This garden gives visitors an introductory view of the entire Herb Garden. From this slight elevation, the Knot centerpiece and four quadrants of the Fragrance Garden and the Armillary are directly lined up with the Terrace Garden, providing a ‘picture perfect’ view.

The Terrace Garden contains two stone benches, a place for rest and reflection in a quiet area of the Herb Garden. The plants and foundation design here create the formal and balanced feel of a Persian carpet in shades of blue, white and soft greens.

A set of hand rails created and installed by Rose Ironworks of Cleveland, Ohio, matching our Secret Gate, were added in 2023 to the entrance of the Terrace Garden for safety as well as beauty.

Click below to enjoy images of the Terrace Garden: Ellie’s Overlook

Photos by Kate W.