Terrace Garden

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The raised Terrace Garden is located just outside the long wall of windows of Clark Hall. The site affords a broad view of the entire WRHS Herb Garden. Design formality is combined with a classical reverence for balance and restraint. The palette of plants forms a mosaic pattern reminiscent of a Persian carpet. The Terrace Garden is subtle and peaceful.

Two stone benches anchor the ends of the paved area and visitors are encouraged to use them to contemplate the plants at hand or those beyond in the other sections of the Herb Garden. The brick-like paving is accented by three large mill-stones placed symmetrically in the space. There is a small stone basin surrounded by a tiny Juniper groundcover at the centerpoint of the windows, backed by a low hedge of Boxwood.

The herbs and herb-related plants in the Terrace Garden are of soft hues – greens, gray-greens, grays, and whites. Textures vary – from the bristles of a Yew hedge, to the leafy fullness of Anemones, to the soft fuzziness of Lamb’s Ears. A beautiful Japanese Tree Lilac shades the southwestern edge. There is a wonderful span of seasonal change in the Terrace Garden with flowering plants and beautiful foliage from early spring through late autumn. 

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Photos by Kate Williams