Terrace Garden

The Terrace Garden is located outside the great west window of Clark Hall. The raised Terrace gives an extensive view of the entire Western Reserve Herb Garden, hence, the name “Ellie’s Overlook”. From this elevation the Knot design, the quadrants of the Fragrance Garden and the wrought iron armillary at the terminus of the Historic Rose Walk can be seen to advantage. The view of the Garden is spectacular in every season, however in winter the bones of the garden design are especially visible.

The Terrace Garden is paved with brick and accented with three large millstones symmetrically placed. Two stone benches anchor the ends of the paved rectangular area which is surrounded by a variety of herbs and herb related plants in subtle hues and leaf textures. The soft pastel palette of flowering plants and striking foliage creates a mosaic pattern reminiscent of a Persian carpet. A graceful Japanese Tree Lilac planted in 1942 shades the southwestern edge of the Terrace.

The marvelous span of seasonal change in the Terrace Garden from early spring through the late autumn delights visitors as well as those tending this garden. Visitors linger and contemplate the Old World formality of design and the classical reverence for balance and restraint. The Terrace Garden is subtle and peaceful.

Click below to enjoy images of the Terrace Garden: Ellie’s Overlook

Photos by Kate Williams 

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