Culinary Garden

The Culinary Garden section is dedicated to edible herbs and plants. This kitchen garden follows the definitive garden plan that was established in 1969. However, the plant material is reviewed and updated yearly to include new varieties as they become available in the trade. The two raised bed plots within the Culinary Garden create a themed planting area featuring a combination of herbs and vegetables.

The herbs and plants grown in the Culinary Garden are equally colorful, fragrant, taste-worthy and attractive. They are used to season and flavor foods, both sweet and savory, in cooking and baking. Some have been used for centuries around the globe, while others are excellent with the new genre of Farm to Table preparations.

The herbs and plants are harvested appropriately throughout the season. Harvesting not only keeps the herbs healthy, productive and tidy but provides an ongoing resource for products that will be sold in the Fall Herb Fair. Even though harvesting is done regularly, it is done in a way that is mindful of our commitment to support our many pollinators.

Education is an important part of our mission, so do not hesitate to ask Culinary questions when visiting the Culinary Garden Section of the Western Reserve Herb Garden.

Please click below to enjoy images of the plants in the Culinary Garden

Photos by Kate Williams 

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