Fragrance Garden

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Identical plantings of herbs that have been grown through the centuries for their pleasing aromas frame the Knot. These four quadrants, formal in design and delicate in color, make up the Fragrance Garden. Standard Knock-Out roses, underplanted with Sweet William, mark the connected entrances. Cone-shaped Wintergreen boxwood and plump pillows of common boxwood lend traditional formality within the beds throughout the seasons.

Colorful early blooms in the Fragrance Garden draw visitors into the Herb Garden every spring, where formal drifts of Rosalie and White Marvel tulips are flanked by traditional hyacinths and daffodils, while deeper shades of old-time wallflowers bank the stone walls.

Soon after, peaking in late May, scented white blooms predominate with masses of white peonies and delicate Florentine irises contrasted by purple stands of heady dame’s rocket.

June ushers in the pink fairy roses, lavenders and purple heliotropes that grace the summer picture.

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Photos by Kate Williams