Trial and Cutting Garden

       To the south of the Knot lies a garden that is known for its beauty and function. This is the Trial and Cutting section and as its’ name suggests the plants in this garden are harvested and dried to create product for our Fall Herb Fair. We create wreaths, dried arrangements, and pressed flowers with the herbs and flowers in this section.

       The center of our garden is divided into two squares. One square is dedicated to the creation of a “Quilt” pattern designed with flowers which changes annually. The second square is teeming with lavenders, sages, thymes and native plants for pollinators. Our garden has over 15 native plants and we plan to add more to support our native insects and birds.  The plan changes from year to year, but this less formal space draws gardeners and visitors alike to discover new practices and new plants for their own use and delight.    

 Click below to see images of the Trial and Cutting Garden

Photos by Kate Williams 

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